YOU OS is the Twitter for all kinds of local services. Microsites represent the content, are matched locally according to the interests of the user and can be reached globally. YOU OS`s goal is to replace the many specialzied apps with ad-hoc Microsites that have predefined workflows coded in.

The user has full control concerning his private data at all times. YOU OS may be used anonymously or personalized, depending on the individual microsite. YOU OS provides an API which makes it possible for third parties to develop their own local Apps and Microflows.

Microsites will take the place of Apps and inflexible websites

YOU OS reduces the amount of specialized apps needed by providing one app that uses microsites (ad hoc websites). The YOU OS user creates a globally accessible event for each of his personal topics, thus using a microsite. One YOU OS microsite represents the actual access to it`s content. YOU OS does not limit content to any number of characters or media types.

Microworkflows (operation models) in user interaction

YOU OS provides each microsite with several different operation models. Reaccuring user actions are installed to the microsite as operation models. Every microsite a user creates is based on one of the predefined operation models. The first released operation model is the “Talk”. Additional operation models will be announced upon release.

Full user-control when it comes to personal data

YOU OS is based on different levels of anonymity. YOU OS users can decide to participate in an event by adjusting their level of privacy. The microsite`s initiator determines the level of privacy on his or her microsite i.e. the user interaction. Participants decide for themselves whether or not to comply with the anonymity level in order to access the content. For example, to register with a running group, you may be required to enter your mobile number, whereas you might merely need your alias for a simple coordination. To take part in some events, it may be mandatory to enter your full name.

Reaching people through their interests

The user`s interests are the base of local matching. In this respect, an interest acts as an address. Users are reachable via this address, but remain anonymous. Interests are marked with a hashtag, i.e. #running group, #themovies, #washing machine. Users will receive invites to join microsites in their vicinity according to their interests.

The only network for friends and people in close vicinity

YOU OS connects friends and people in close vicinity via microsites. A YOU OS microsite resembles a gathering of people. Through invites via local addresses in YOU OS and invites via additional networks, YOU OS builds bridges between people and friends in the vicinity.

Keeping an eye on time factor and target audience

YOU OS provides local microsites with current relevance. Invites to particular microsites will be handed out to other local users via a local address only, within a certain time frame and have an expiration date. The recipient remains anonymous and will only be invited if he or she is part of the target audience in the first place (age/sex).

Local findings, global communication

YOU OS provides a global search. We want users to see what is going on globally, apart from location or interests. For this purpose, YOU OS provides a search engine which enables the user to search the content of all You OS events.


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