We are dynacrowd

The future Internet will be local. Platforms will replace specialized apps. There will be microsites instead of large, inflexible websites. Full control regarding personal and sensitive data. dynacrowd combines these four trends into one single platform.

Our mission

Dynacrowd is a young and innovative venture. To us, innovation does not mean to improve existing solutions. It means finding brand new approaches. It means developing and integrating them in order to break through those bottle necks that can be encountered within the usage of mobile devices.

We strive for the production of software with an intelligent and excellent design. Our solutions are smart and safe. Easy to use with a strong focus on the users needs.

We support every person`s digntity and autonomy by letting them decide exactly how they want to handle their private data.

Coworkers, customers and suppliers will be treated with respect and in an authentic, truthful and fair way.

Our goal

We invent and create solutions that change the world we live in. We enable people to experience proximity. We implement solutions for all kind of local services. The future internet will focus more and more on local aspects of life. It will be made up of platforms instead of highly specialized apps. It will be and internet that will provide less and less space for large websites and open up to a world of microsites.

We are building the most important communication platform for this future internet. It will make many specialized services obsolete, transform the incoming flood of information into relevant pieces of information for individual persons. Every user will have full control concerning his personal data and many areas of life will be made easier thanks to predefined microflows and integrated payment solutions.

This platform is called YOU OS and is meant to be that place within the World Wide Web which helps people to connect on a local basis. YOU OS provides the Hyperlocal Network API that our App Wasabi Social Network is based on. Wasabi only provides messages that are of interest to the individual. “Relevance creates Resonance” is our paradigm for You OS and Wasabi. Both serve as interfaces into the real (local) world. Available to everyone on his or her mobile device.

Patrick Payne and Christoph Dümmen, founders

Christoph Dümmen was Senior Consulter for BPM systems and Audit-Solutions in the Public sector. He draws from a broad range of experience as he was assigned Product Manager and Department Head for audit offices and auditing institutions. In this working relationship, Patrick was the ingenious coder and thinking, breathing software concept. His concepts always resulted in innovative and award-winning software. This close and highly successful collaboration created the impulse to start something totally new on a big scale and they started to realize what should soon feel familiar and indispensable in day to day mobile internet usage.

The Team


IT-trainer and consultant for 20 years. Product Manager and Department Head for Audit software at hfp Informationssysteme for the last 10 years, freelance before that. Winner of the innovational competition Audit Innovation Award 2013 and Innovationspreis Mittelstand (Consulting) 2013 and competor in Best in Big Data 2013.

My passion is with products for the people. I love people and creating products that they will love to use. YOU OS applications are meant to be so useful and so much fun that they will be installed to mobile devices by default.


Patrick Payne started out working in Christoph Dümmen`s department in 2008. Patrick was Senior Developer of the Audit software openAnalyzer, winner of the Audit Innovation Award 2013. Patrick has invented the generic, basic idea behind YOU OS and Wasabi. He stands for loving clean objects-hierachy in coding.

YOU OS is, in fact, a sort of software-router for messaging.


Recently Senior Enterprise Architekt with CapGemini. In his not-quite-30 years of age he has managed to get in 14 years of coding experience. Research assistant at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Master qualification and Honors degree. Holder of scholarships to various High Potential programs. On the brink of Management at CapGemini. Founder of a project developing a tool for language learning.

I’m too young for management. My hands belong on the keyboard. That is my passion.


Florian passed his Abitur with focus on data handling. His journey led him through a similar study and further to dynacrowd. There he joined the development-team and open-minded and with a fresh view on things he became a value part of.

„The vision is the most important thing, followed by the realization."


Tina has a master's degree in Computer System and Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. After that she worked as a Java developer for Musala Soft in Sofia as well. In April 2016 she joined dynacrowd and enriches the team with her international spirit since then.


Eric is the newest member of dynacrowd. He joined right after his master's degree in April 2017. Unbiased to new techiques and methods he enriches the development-team. The Start-Up spririt ecourages him to implement new thoughts.